What is a virtual sports betting solutions?

How to launch a sportsbook?

Anyone who has ever thought about launching their own online sportsbook has invariably encountered many questions. How to start developing a website, and where to buy the virtual betting software, what kind of gambling services to offer, and how to legalize business to avoid legal problems? Let’s figure out what stages every future remote bookmaker needs to go through and how to make the process easier if you are a complete newbie to the industry.

8 steps to opening a betting platform

It is worth noting that the exact process of launching a sportsbook always depends on the jurisdiction where you are going to obtain a license and the markets where you plan to operate. Nonetheless, we can highlight 8 basic steps that are common for almost all locations. Let’s consider them.

  1. Research and planning. Start by understanding the sports betting market, the competition, and your target audience. Develop a business plan that includes your objectives, strategies, and financial projections. Don’t underestimate this step: planning is the cornerstone of future business success.
  2. Choose technology partners. Select software providers with robust virtual sports betting solutions. While choosing, pay attention to user-friendly interfaces and strong security measures.
  3. Website and/or mobile app development. Create a professional-looking website and/or mobile app that is easy to use, with all necessary features for customers to place bets and manage their accounts effectively.
  4. License acquisition. Obtain a license from one of the well-recognized and respectable gambling regulators to operate legally. This often involves significant paperwork and legal compliance to ensure everything is set up correctly. For instance, each operator is required to comply with anti-money-laundering AML rules as well as with principles of responsible gambling.
  5. Secure payment systems. Implement secure and versatile payment options to accommodate various user preferences, ensuring all transactions are safe and reliable. Remember! The most widespread payment systems can’t be integrated into an unlicensed platform so do not skip the previous step.
  6. Set up operations. Establish your operational infrastructure, hire staff, and train them to manage the platform efficiently, handling customer support and routine maintenance. Do not save on customer support! At least you must have a live chat on your website in order to provide fast communication to players.
  7. Marketing and launch. Develop a marketing strategy to attract users. Consider promotions and partnerships to enhance visibility and credibility at launch.
  8. Ongoing management and permanent optimization. Continuously monitor the platform’s performance, gather user feedback, and adapt to changes in technology and market demands to stay competitive.

The hardest part for many is virtual sports betting software development. And yes, it’s really no walk in the park. In most cases, the ideal option is to purchase ready-made solutions. Among others, such solutions are offered by the iGaming expert company Slotegrator.

Slotegrator virtual sports betting software

People love to bet, but the number of real sporting events on which they can bet is limited. This is why virtual sports and betting on them are gaining popularity among gamblers today. Forward-thinking operators have jumped on the promising trend and are increasingly introducing it onto their platforms. If you are planning to launch or already run a sportsbook, this could be an interesting option for you.

Why to choose virtual sports betting?

What are the benefits of betting on virtual sports? Let’s list the main advantages.

  • No time bound

Unlike real matches, virtual ones have no time limits. You can bet on virtual sports literally around the clock.

  • Fast gameplay

A virtual match lasts several minutes, and the result can be obtained immediately after its completion. This makes it possible for even busy people to play.

  • The opportunity to attract new audiences

Virtual sports can attract a younger, more innovative audience to the platform. The youth are excited to try new things, especially when it comes to technology.

  • Possibility of cross-selling

You can offer bets on both real and virtual sports on your platform. By offering one type of gambling to fans of another, you expand your customer base and increase your income.

  • Variety of games

The world of virtual sports offers a huge variety. This means that operators can offer platform visitors matches for every liking.

Which virtual sports are the most popular?

There are several types of virtual sports that you can bet on. Slotegrator offers operators to integrate the most popular of them:

  • Football

One of the most popular sports ever is also popular in the world of gambling. Slotegrator offers ready virtual football betting software solutions. These are high-quality, realistic matches based on analysis of real games.

  • Horse and dog racing

Another favorite sport for those who like to bet. With virtual horse and dog racing integrated into your gambling platform, you will attract hundreds of passionate customers who do not want to wait for real events.

  • Speedway motorcycling

High-octane online speedway motorcycling is a trend! Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your sportsbook by adding this type of virtual racing to your website. The more games you offer, the more players you get.


So, we found out what needs to be done in order to launch an online sports betting platform. Planning, platform development, software and payment systems implementation, licensing, management, marketing and ongoing maintenance – these are the main stages on the path of the future operator. Go through all steps of the process yourself or seek help from professionals – it’s up to you to decide. However, for those who want to save time, money and nerves, an excellent solution would be to turn to experienced specialists in the online gambling sector.

A suitable company is Slotegrator. Its experts offer a wide range of services related to software for online casinos and sportsbooks. These include turnkey solutions for gambling websites, crypto casinos, telegram casinos, virtual betting software, and much more. Moreover, Slotegrator offers consulting services, assistance with opening bank accounts, integrating payment systems and obtaining a license. With qualified help you create a reliable foundation for the future gambling business, and also protect yourself from unnecessary delays and problems with the law.