How many days until 2025?

2025 New Year

On 1 January 2025

The New Year marks the commencement of a new calendar year and the increment of the year count by one. It is celebrated in various ways across different cultures and countries. In the Gregorian calendar, the most prevalent calendar system, New Year’s Day falls on January 1st. This date was also recognized as the start of the year in the original Julian and Roman calendars (after 153 BC).

Many cultures celebrate New Year’s Day in accordance with their own customs, often based on lunar or lunisolar calendars. Notable examples include the Chinese New Year, Islamic New Year, and Jewish New Year. Countries like India and Nepal also observe New Year’s celebrations on dates specific to their calendars, which may align with the Gregorian calendar.

The arrival of the New Year is observed progressively worldwide due to the segmentation into different time zones, with each region’s daybreak signaling the start of the New Year.